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Do you want to feel better, increase your mobility fluidity, and improve your overall movement performance? Of course you do. Your next step towards your movement evolution is deciding which of our 5-star services best suits your needs —  Physical Therapy or Return to Play & Sport.

What’s the difference between Physical Therapy or Return to Play & Sport.? This is a great question, and it’s really important that you understand, so you can get the most out of either program.

Have you ever had an injury like a sprained ankle, pulled back, or strained shoulder? Physical Therapy would be right for you.

For those who lost baseline strength, balance, or motion because of an injury or disease, Physical Therapy is your best option.

Physical therapy would be your next stop after your surgery to assist with your healing process, regain your mobility and fluidity, and get you back to performing activities of daily living.

Our Physical Therapists love treating knee, shoulder, and back injuries at MovEvolution, and are also experts at treating common sports injuries, muscle pain, fractures and dislocations, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, spinal facet and disc injuries. 

Physical therapy is your best bet for building a solid foundation to assist with your performing activities of daily living.

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Now let’s take it up a few notches. 

Say you’ve gone through your Physical Therapy sessions and are now ready for a program to supplement your dance or sport. Set up a Return to Play & Sport exam. 

Need a check-up or tune-up before heading back onto the track, court, dance floor, or dojo after an extended layoff?. Get your Return to Play & Sport checklist of criteria and goals,  to avoid further injury and optimize your movement.

Whether you wish to mow an acre, bike a century, or kick-ass for three rounds, our RTP & S system is specifically built for your movement evolution.

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Heal. Move. Evolve.