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Author: Richard Symister

Water, Water Everywhere! So Why Aren’t You Drinking It!

Feeling unusually fatigued during workouts or athletic training? Check your hydration levels. Muscle cramps, body fatigue, joint pain, headaches and […]

Author: Richard Symister

Physical Therapists Stop Fighting

I recently had the opportunity to take Chris Johnson’s When Can I Run?workshop (https://www.facebook.com/head2toesystems) . The workshop was hosted by […]

Author: Richard Symister

Physical Therapists, When Should Your Runners Run?

Physical Therapists, Know When to Answer the Question, “When Can I Run?” MovEvolution Physical Therapy had a wonderful experience last Saturday […]

Author: Richard Symister

What Does Qigong and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Have In Common?

Answer – A Soft Touch The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter does not rely solely on pure strength and power to […]

Author: Richard Symister

Qigong and Physical Therapy Holistic Healing Methods

Qigong and Physical Therapy Holistic healing Methods for the Multi-Sport Athlete For years, I’ve struggled with chronic lower back pain, induced […]

Author: Richard Symister

Qigong and Physical Therapy Holistic Met

Qigong and Physical Therapy Holistic Methods for the Multi-Sport Athlete For years, I have been struggling with a chronic lower […]

Author: Richard Symister

Treat Your Running Pain with Your Own Qigong Therapy

Acute joint pain during a run is a signal that something in your body is not quite right. Consistent practice […]

Author: Richard Symister

Qigong For Sports

Any athlete can benefit from qigong training. Runners. Cyclists. Dancers. Swimmers. Qigong is about becoming in tuned with your body […]