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Bite-Size Blogs

Author: Richard Symister

Couch Hip Flexor Stretch Progression

Desk jockey? Runner? Cyclist? Do you feel like your hip flexors could use some flexibility love? Here’s a great, progressive, […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Back Pain Standing? Stop Standing Like Elvis!

Do you get that localized, nagging, ache on either side of your lower back as soon as you stand still? […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Why You Need the SLRDL/Marching Drill to Protect Your Knees.

Do you run, jump, or spend any amount of time on one leg during your sport? Want to protect your […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

MMA & KNEE Pain: Add CARs to Get Your Hips Mobile

Our client, Bob, who trains BJJ and Judo, complains of left knee joint pain after rolling on the mat, with […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Improve Your Run. Get SPIDERMAN Mobile.

Runners, do you have enough room to run?  What I mean is, do you have enough: Hip extension? Hamstring mobility? […]

Author: Quetcy Henriquez

Desk Jockey Neck & Shoulder Pain? Stop stretching your muscles and stretch these instead

So why do desk jockeys, programmers, and gamers need to work on their nerves? What happens when you sit and […]