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Did you know that the knee is considered the black hole of orthopedics? Well, we would say the back is a close runner-up.

The back, or “spine”, is a complicated row of joints, stacked on top of each other. It’s so complicated that 90% of the time, a client will come in with a doctor’s vague prescription of “lower back pain”. Ugh! Unfortunately, “lower back pain” is not a diagnosis, it’s a symptom. 

Is it muscle? The joints themselves? Nerves? A combination of any or all three?

Can you see why it’s so important for your healing, movement, and performance to find a Physical Therapist specialist who knows and loves the spine? If you had a car engine issue, would you take it to a dentist? Of course not. If you suffer from back pain, injury, or dysfunction, seek out a back specialist. 

When shopping for the best Physical Therapist for your back injury, find out if they specialize in backs. It’s a great idea to contact the front office and inquire. If the person answering the phone fumbles, cannot directly answer your question or replies “we treat everything”, find another physical therapy studio (unless, of course, you desire the we treat everything, cookie-cutter treatment).

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is settling on a Physical Therapist to treat your back based solely upon convenience, their website, or their ability to accept your insurance. 

Think value first. Can your Physical Therapist treat your knee injury efficiently and effectively and get you back to your work, life and play?

Use this handy Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist, and get the best value for your time and money.