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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

Who is MovEvolution?

MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy is a rehabilitation and return to play and sports studio dedicated to treating the pain, injury, pre/post-surgical condition, and movement dysfunction of the runner, cyclist, dancer, cross fitter, musician, mixed martial artist, and multisport enthusiast — Folks, like you, who move for a living and love to move.

Our Mission


Effectively and efficiently speed your recovery from pain, injury, or surgery.


Improve your mobility fluidity and control.


Enhance your performance in all aspects of work, life, and play.

Schedule your 5-star one-on-one evaluation with us and experience why we are the best Physical Therapists in Connecticut.

About Us

Physical Therapy or Performance Therapy?
Which is right for you?

Physical Therapy

Our MovEvolution Physical Therapists love treating kneeshoulder, and back injuries. We are experts at treating common sports injuries, muscle pain, fractures and dislocations, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff injuries, spinal facet, and disc injuries. Physical therapy is your best bet for rebuilding a solid foundation for performing your activities of daily living. Read more about our 5-star Physical Therapy programs HERE.

Performance Therapy: Return to Play & Sport

Our Performance Therapy Return to Play & Sports programs are all about avoiding injury and optimizing your movement. Need a check-up or tune-up before heading back onto the track, court, dance floor, or dojo after an extended layoff? Whether you wish to mow an acre, bike a century, or kick-ass for three rounds in the ring, our Performance Therapy Return to Play & Sport system is specifically built for your movement evolution.

Still not sure which therapy service is best for you. Check out PHYSICAL THERAPY vs. RETURN TO PLAY & Sports: WHICH IS BEST FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE?

MovEvolution is a Black-owned Business, Celebrating Diversity

We are proud to say that MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy is the only black-owned business offering Physical Therapy services and Performance Therapy in Connecticut. In fact, the owner, Richard Symister, was the first black male Physical Therapist to graduate from the prestigious Simmons University.

MovEvolution is a company that celebrates the culture and embraces true gender equality. Find out why culture matters when choosing your next Physical Therapist HERE.

MovEvolution Accepts Insurance and Has Great Cash Rates

You have many options to see us for both Physical Therapy and Performance Therapy. We accept most major insurances, and offer spectacular cash packages, offering the best value in all of Connecticut.

So what happens when your insurance benefits run out while you are still in Physical Therapy? Find out HERE.

Do you know why using insurance may not be your best option when seeking high-quality Physical Therapy? Find out why HERE

Read one client’s story,  Paying out-of-pocket changed my life HERE.

You Always Have Access to MovEvolution

MovEvolution Physical Therapy is conveniently located in New Britain Connecticut, with free parking. We serve Hartford County and neighbouring communities.

Too far away to benefit from our value-based Physical and Performance Therapy services in person? Our TeleMedicine programs allow you to take advantage of our 5-star services remotely through the use of a digital medium (android, tablet, laptop, desktop).

Why TeleMedicine?

  • Save time. No more taking time travelling to and from your Physical or Performance Therapy sessions, or looking for parking.
  • Save money. Same great service, but a bit less out of your pocket!
  • Consistency. Having your Physical or Performance Therapy sessions at home help with your compliance and accountability.
  • Satisfaction and positive outcome. The research speaks for itself.

Read more about our TeleMedicine services HERE.

We Value Your Time

The average physical therapy session lasts only 30 minutes. How effective can your Physical Therapist be in 30 minutes?

You want the most effective and efficient treatment, right? The formula that works best for us and our Physical and Performance Therapy clients is 60-90 minute, one-on-one sessions with your Physical or Performance Therapist, which allow us enough quality time for bodywork, movement training, and listening.

 Don’t get cheated out of your Physical Therapy session. Find out why time matters HERE.


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