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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

About Us

Who is MovEvolution?

MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy is located in New Britain, Connecticut. 

We are a physical and performance therapy studio dedicated to treating the pain, injury, pre/post-surgical condition, and movement dysfunction of the runner, cyclist, dancer, cross fitter, musician, mixed martial artist, and  multisport enthusiast — Folks, like you, who move for a living and love to move.

Knee pain from running? Rotator cuff tear from lifting? Suffer from chronic lower back pain that just doesn’t seem to ever fully go away? 


Our Mission 

Heal.    Effectively and efficiently speed your recovery from pain, injury, or surgery.

Move.   Improve your mobility fluidity and control.

Evolve.   Enhance your performance in all aspects of work, life, and play.

Schedule your 5-star one-on-one evaluation with us and experience why we are the best Physical Therapists in Connecticut.


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