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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

Who is MovEvolution?

MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy is a rehabilitation and return to play and sports studio, dedicated to treating the pain, injury,  and movement dysfunction of the runner, cyclist, dancer, Cross-fitter, musician, mixed martial artist, and multisport enthusiast — folks like you who move for a living and love to move.

Our Mission


Speed your recovery from pain, injury, or surgery.


Improve your mobility competence, confidence, and control.


Enhance your performance in all aspects of work, life, and play.

HEAL from pain, injury, or surgery 👉 Physical Therapy

Our MovEvolution Physical Therapists love treating kneeshoulder, and back injuries. Physical Therapy is your best bet for rebuilding a solid foundation and getting back to activities of daily living. 

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MOVE with improved fluidity and mobility 👉 Body Work

Whether it’s hip joint stretching, deep tissue massage, or therapeutic cupping, we’ve got you covered. The benefits of bodywork are endless. And simply put, bodywork just feels good!

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EVOLVE your fitness, athletics, and sports  👉 Performance Therapy

Bike? Dance? Fight? Lift? Our Performance Therapy Return to Play & Sports programs are all about fixing glitches in your body matrix and avoiding injury bullets.   

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What do you need to
heal, move, and evolve?

Choose your area of pain or injury from the options below:

Black-owned Business

We are proud to say that MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy is the only black-owned business offering Physical Therapy services and Performance Therapy in Connecticut. In fact, the owner, Richard Symister, is the first African-American male to graduate from the prestigious Simmons University Physical Therapist program.

Celebrating Diversity

MoEvolution is a company that celebrates the culture and embraces true gender equality. Find out why culture matters when choosing your next Physical Therapist HERE     

Insurance or Cash?

You have great options when seeing us. We accept most (out-of-network) major insurances and offer spectacular cash packages, offering the best value in all of Connecticut.

Dog Friendly

We absolutely love dogs! If your precious pooch is housetrained and friendly, bring him/her along to keep you company.

You Always Have Access to MovEvolution

MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy proudly serves Hartford County and neighboring communities. We also travel to Boston and New York for our VIPs. Our primary administrative office is located in New Britain, Connecticut. 

Too far to see us in person?

Take advantage of our 5-star TeleMedicine service remotely through the use of a digital medium (android, tablet, laptop, desktop).  Our TeleMedicine service is a spectacular option for both Physical  Therapy and Performance Therapy

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We Value Your Time

You want the most effective and efficient treatment, right?  We find 60-90 minute, one-on-one sessions work best allowing us enough quality time for bodywork, movement training, and listening.

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