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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move


Richard Symister, MSPT, CSCS

The Physical Therapy game has changed since I first started practicing in 1997. It’s no longer just about decreasing your pain. It’s about increasing your performance.

Whether it’s a pain or movement problem in work, life, or play, you want the most efficient and effective “fix” to get past the injury, improve your movement fluidity, and evolve your overall movement performance.

I am a Physical and Performance Therapist, with a passion for returning clients to sports, and treating the knees, shoulders, and back issues of folks that move for a living and love to move.

I am driven to use my superb education, 25 years of clinical experience, and a lifelong love of sports, music, and dance to help you:

  • HEAL and protect you from further pain or  injury
  • Improve your MOVEMENT fluidity
  • EVOLVE your performance in work, life, and play
  • Decrease your reliance on pain meds, doctor visits, or temporary, palliative treatments that simply don’t work

Here’s how I help you reach your milestones:

  • My exams are head-to-toe, regardless of your pain or injury.
  • All of your sessions are 1-hour, strictly one-on-one. You’ll get lots of bodywork, a detailed body blueprint of your problems, and a clear training roadmap filled with your “homework”, checklists, and goals. 

Go beyond traditional Physical Therapy. Regain movement control and competence, without the pain. 

Heal, move and evolve HERE!

Richard Symister, MSPT, CSCS, USA Level I T&F