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Author: Richard Symister

Your ACL surgery: Will Your Insurance Company Keep Up?

You felt that initial “pop”, maybe had some pain and swelling at the front of the knee, and every now […]

Author: Richard Symister

Knee Problem. Find a Knee Specialist!

Did you know that the knee is considered the black hole of orthopedics? The knee is a complicated joint with […]

Author: Richard Symister

Don’t F#*k Up Your Rotator Cuff: 3 Rehab Mistakes to Avoid

You’re almost ready to be discharged from physical therapy for your rotator cuff surgery. You’ve achieved full motion.  Your gross […]

Author: Richard Symister

Rotator Cuff Injury? Find a Rotator Cuff Specialist.

The arm bone is connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bone is connected to the backbone. The backbone is […]