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Treating people who move for a living, and love to move

Return to Play & Sport

Were you forced to take time off from training because of a MUSCULOSKELETAL injury? Evolve your performance.

Have you been discharged from PHYSICAL THERAPY, but need a training roadmap to get back to your previous activity level? Evolve your performance.

Do you need a detailed movement screen to reduce your risk of injury and optimize your movement? Evolve your performance.

MovEvolution’s Return to Play & Sport system is designed for the athlete (any level dancer (all styles), performing artist, and musician (percussion) — people who move for a living and love to move! Our specialists will design the most efficient and effective training program, based on your individualized performance-specific needs. 

MovEvolution’s Return to Play & Sport system can help you regain your competitive edge and get you back in the game, on the field, court, dance floor, or dojo. 

Our goals are to: 

  • Strengthen your weaknesses
  • Optimize your movement (mobility, balance, power, speed)
  • Remove injury risk factors 
  • Rebuild your movement competence, confidence and control.

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