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Author: Richard Symister

Want to SPORTS TAPE? Learn the BASICS!

Sports tape is a spectacular tool to add to your sports rehab and recovery toolbox. Sports taping, when used correctly, is fabulous for muscle pain, athletic performance and joint support.

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But trust me, like any other modality, if you don’t learn the right way to sports tape joints and muscles, you’ll learn the wrong way, and may irritate your skin or joints.

When I first started using sport taping as a Physical Therapist and Strength Coach, I was all over the place. I was “over-taping”, applying too much tension, relying on the sports tape as my main treatment, providing utterly craptacular explanations on how it worked, and my colleagues would laugh at how many rolls of sport tape I would go through weekly!

It wasn’t until I took a sports taping course that I gleaned a deeper understanding of the “how”, “why”, and “when” behind effective and efficient sports taping techniques. With a solid sports taping foundation,  I could confidently explore more complex procedures on more diverse populations (dancers, mixed martial artists, aerialist, parkour)!

Learning sports taping online from a random social media outlets (Instagram, YouTube) is playing Russian Roulette with your body. Don’t gamble on your health. Learn from a professional who demonstrates experience and competence wth sports tape application, and is familiar with your particular sport “culture” and performance needs.  

Keep this in mind. You don’t need to take a course to learn the basics of sports taping. But you do need to know the basics.

Want to learn how to sport tape? We can teach you how in one session. Need some sports taping joint or muscle support.  Contact us here.

Heal. Move. TAPE. Evolve.

Richard Symister, MSPT, CSCS

Owner, MovEvolution Physical and Performance Therapy

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