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We have updated our services due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Visit our COVID-19 AND SAFETY PAGE

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COVID-19 & Client Safety

MEPT has been vaccinated!

As always, MEPT will be following CDC guidance to minimize exposure in the clinic and practice social distancing by avoiding large social gatherings. We only treat 1-on-1 and will limit the gym AND treatment space to 1 client at one time. At the same time, we know that our profession plays a crucial role in the health of our community, and there are people in our communities whose health will be significantly impacted by disruptions to care.

Patient care has always been specific to the individual, with the physical therapist assessing a person’s needs relative to their goals. Thus, physical therapists have a responsibility to review CDC guidance, to understand who is at highest risk and how to best reduce exposure, and to use their professional judgment in the best interests of their patients and clients and their local communities — including rescheduling nonurgent care if that is the best approach, or making other adjustments when the risk of exposure to COVID-19 outweighs the benefits of immediate treatment.

In this challenging time, we are mindful of the effects of this outbreak on our own community as well as on the society our profession nobly serves. Striving for the optimal health of everyone must be our goal.

Please see our COVID-19 FAQ website page for details on how we are working to keep you safe.

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