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What is TeleMedicine?

TeleMedicine allows MovEvolution to perform Physical and Performance Therapy remotely through the use of a digital medium (android, table, laptop, desktop).

Why TeleMedicine?

  • Save time. No more taking time traveling to and from your Physical or Performance Therapy sessions, or looking for parking.
  • Save money. Same great service, but a bit less out of your pocket!
  • Consistency. Having your sessions at home helps with your compliance and accountability.
  • Satisfaction and positive outcome. The research speaks for itself. 
  • Flexibility. We offer flexible time slots and try our best to accommodate waiting lists. 
  • Convenience. There’s no place like home. 
  • Accessibility. Moving, traveling, or just too far away? Our MovEvolution TeleMedicine has no distance boundaries … as long as you have an internet connection.

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What are the costs of TeleMedicine?

We know many of you are feeling the pinch and a little bit stressed during these strange times, dealing with the virus, social distancing, and quarantine. We want to assure you that MovEvolution is doing its best to work with you and your insurance companies to:

  • streamline Telemedicine access
  • get concrete reimbursement info
  • keep TeleMedicine costs down (I.e., reducing or waiving copayment/deductible)

Read more about TeleMedicine Costs HERE.

Can you use both Physical Therapy and TeleMedicine services?

Sometimes you may be able to have a face-to-face session with us, while other times, the travel or time just won’t work for you. That’s ok. You have options! Find out why Physical Therapy and TeleMedicine are the Perfect Hybrid Option HERE.