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Author: Richard Symister

After an ACL Repair, Your BRAIN Needs to Heal Too

On day one of your Return to Play & Sport program, we explain that one of our primary, long-term goals is for you to feel totally confident, competent, and composed on your repaired anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

If your brain doesn’t trust your ACL, neither will your body, leading to inefficient, and often reinjury-provoking movements.

Although we are Physical and Performance Therapists, we are often partially called upon to wear various temporary hats, one being “psychologist”. However, we know our boundaries, which is why we keep a top-notch sports psychologist on our 5-star Heal, Move & Evolve network list, like Dr. Steve Graef, PhD

Email us and ask about our 5-star Heal, Move, & Evolve network here.

Getting to and treating the root of your anxiety can be a crucial factor in your composure and confidence on the track, field, court dojo, or dance floor.

Express yourself to your Physical Therapist, and explain how you’re feeling emotionally. Remember, we want the brain just as healthy as the ACL for your performance evolution.

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“A special thanks to Dr. Steve Graef, Ph.D. for inspiring our MovEvolution team with his captivating and relevant coursework through Medbrdige.

Heal. Move. EXPRESS YOURSELF. Evolve.

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