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Insurance Benefits Worksheet

Want to get the right answers from your insurance company?
Ask the right questions!

This worksheet was created to help determine your physical therapy out-of-network coverage. Follow these steps to getting the information you need to plan your healing journey with us.

➢ Call the toll free customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Jot this information:

  • A: Name of Representative
  • B: Date of call

➢ Ask the representative to quote your physical therapy benefits.

Ask if you have a deductible? Yes / No

  • A: If yes, how much is it?
  • B: If, yes, how much has already been met?

➢ What % of reimbursement do you have? (60%, 80%, 90%, are all common.)

➢ Does the rate of reimbursement change because you are seeing a non-preferred provided? Yes/No

➢ Do you have a limit for the number of visits allowed? Yes/No. How many?

➢ Does your policy require a written prescription? Yes / No. If yes, will you accept a written prescription from any MD/physician or specialist? Yes / No

➢ Does your policy require pre-authorization or a referral on file for outpatient physical therapy services? Yes / No

➢ Do you require a special form to be filled out to submit a claim? Yes / No If yes, how do I obtain it?

➢ Is there a limit on visits per year or per individual diagnosis? Yes / No If “yes”, what is it?

➢ What email or mailing address should I use when submitting claims/reimbursement forms?

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