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Author: Richard Symister

Eating for your ACL

Healing from an ACL surgery has much more to do with than just getting stronger or increasing your range of motion. Nutrition is a huge component in your healing, as well as performance.

As a Physical Therapist, I come across patients, usually, adolescent girls, who show signs of eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating.

My first role is to do no harm and protect my clients. I take eating disorders just as seriously as I do poor sleep hygiene. An eating disorder can go way beyond messing with your ACL recovery. It can be detrimental to your sports performance, make you sick,  and can lead to other life-threatening illnesses.

And it’s uber important to get the right amount of nutrients to assist with the healing process!

If I suspect an eating disorder with my young athlete, the first thing I tell that client is that they are not crazy, abnormal, and are not alone.

The second thing is to let my client know there are options and outlets such as sport psychologist and sports nutritionist.

We are good at what we do at MovEvolution Physical & Performance Therapy, but we know when to stay in our lane. So we always have our list of top notch clinicians on our Heal, Move, & Evolve 5–star  Network, just in case we need to refer out to another specialist.

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Remember, a healthy gut is just as important as a healthy ACL to getting back to play and sport. Never be afraid to talk about any nutritional issues with your Physical Therapist. Eating well is part of the game!

A special thanks to Dr. Steve Graef, Ph.D. for inspiring our MovEvolution team with his captivating and relevant course work through Medbrdige.

Heal. Move. EAT. Evolve.