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Author: Richard Symister

Your ACL and Sleep: How Clean is Your Sleep Hygiene?

What are some of the pillars of a healthy ACL recovery plan? Pain and swelling relief. Strengthening and mobility work. Balance activities. Nutrition.

Let’s not forget rest and recovery.

After an ACL surgery, rest and recovery become that much more important when it comes to proper healing.

When you sleep, you heal. When you rest, and take the load off your feet, and allow your system a chance to recover.

If you train hard, you need to rest hard. And it’s not just your musculoskeletal system that needs to recover. It’s also your nervous system that needs time to rev down and recuperate.

There’s a lot going on after your surgery. Going back-and-forth to doctors and physical therapy, discomfort, and immobility. It can be very stressful and can play havoc with your normal sleep patterns. Let’s reset your sleep “wiring”, and put you back on track for consistent sleep, so you wake up each morning feeling rested and recovered. 

Check out our Sleep Hygiene Infographic and grab some solid Z’s for the health of your ACL. 


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A special thanks to Dr. Steve Graef, Ph.D. for inspiring our MovEvolution team with his captivating and relevant course work through Medbrdige.

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