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Author: Richard Symister

Knee Problem. Find a Knee Specialist!

Did you know that the knee is considered the black hole of orthopedics?

The knee is a complicated joint with a lot of moving parts.

The knee is part of a intricate, biomechanic system, functioning synergistically between a hard-working ankle and super mobile hip rotator cuff (yes, we have a second set of RTCs). 

Knee injuries can put everything to a sudden halt — jumping, running, dancing, cycling, rolling (MMA)! 

If you had a toothache, would you go to an auto mechanic? Of course not. If you suffer from knee pain, injury, or dysfunction (or pain, instability, weakness), see a knee specialist. 

“If your PT is not an expert in knees, then why is she treating your surgically repaired ACL?”

When shopping for the best Physical Therapist for your knee injury, find out if they specialize in knee injuries. It’s a great idea to contact the front office and inquire. Find another physical therapy studio if they fumble, cannot directly answer the question, or say “We treat everything”. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is settling on a physical therapist to treat your knee based solely upon convenience, their website, or their ability to accept your insurance. Think value. Can your Physical Therapist treat your knee injury efficiently and effectively and get you back to your work, life and play?

Use our handy Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist to find your perfect Physical Therapist, get the best value for your time and money,  to Heal. Move and Evolve. 

Heal. Move. JUMP. Evolve.