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Author: Richard Symister

Your ACL surgery: Will Your Insurance Company Keep Up?

You felt that initial “pop”, maybe had some pain and swelling at the front of the knee, and every now and then, it just wanted to buckle. 

You tore your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and are planning for surgery.

ACL reconstruction RTS (return to sport): 8 – 12 months

Average insurance coverage: 8 -12 visits

MovEvolution Physical Therapy’s commitment:  Your entire journey (and we absolutely love treating shoulders!)

“What’s of more importance? Whether your next Physical Therapist accepts your insurance or whether they can efficiently and effectively get you back to your work, life and play?”

Your insurance company’s focus is on cutting costs and minimizing  your visits.

ACME (generic, traditional, run-of-the-mill) Physical Therapy’s focus is on maximizing your visits and client volume.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is settling on a physical therapist to treat your knee based solely upon convenience, their website, or their ability to accept your insurance. Think value. Can your Physical Therapist treat your knee injury and get you back to your work, life, and play?

ACL injury? Seek out an ACL specialist, folks who are passionate about knees and what they need to do.

Use this handy checklist to find your perfect Physical Therapist, get the best value for your time and money, and Heal. Move. and Evolve.