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Author: Richard Symister

Want the Best Physical Therapist For Your Injury?

We get it. It’s not easy finding the right Physical Therapist for your particular injury.  There are more than 650 physical therapy clinics in New York, and each one has its own level of talent, specialty, and quality of care. 

Remember, you’ll be investing your time, sweat, money, and a lot of trust into your therapy. It’s better to be choosy now than to be highly dissatisfied later.

Keep these two concepts in mind when finding your perfect Physical Therapist:

  1. The client value equation
  2. Find a specialist

The CLIENT VALUE equation

Efficiency + Effectiveness = Client Value. In other words:

  1. Is your therapy working well (effective)? 
  2. Is your therapy working quickly (efficient)
  3. If #1 and #2 are covered, you are more likely to be satisfied with your physical therapy outcome (value)!

Find a Specialist

You’re on the last repetition of your deadlift and you feel a slight pop, followed by pain across your lower back. Would you go to a standard, generic physical therapy clinic or a physical therapy team that absolutely loves and excels at treating back injuries? 

Your back pain is special. Seek out a physical therapist, back specialist, who not only understands the complexities of your spine but also the complexities of your activity or sport. 

When you’re looking for your next Physical Therapist, ask if your physical therapist absolutely loves knees, shoulders, back…or whatever your injury may be.

Keep our Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist handy to seek out your best value. 

Heal. Move. SPECIALIZE. Evolve.