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Author: Richard Symister

Tips on Choosing the BEST Fitness Class

CrossFit. Pilates. Yoga. Zumba. Which type of workout class is right for you?

Before you just jump right into something popular, something friends are doing, or something on YouTube that caught your eye, follow these very basic tips to save you time, money, dissatisfaction, and possible injury.

1. Go check out the class. There’s nothing wrong with showing up and being a fly on the wall to see what a class is all about. If the instructor or coach gives you a side-eye or says you can’t observe, find another class. The instructor should be excited that you’re you may become a member, and open to the fact that you wish to find out more.

2. Meet with the coach or trainer. Let them know that you are interested in the class and why. Let them know about any pre-existing conditions, injuries, and definitely, your goals. Make sure they understand your specific needs, whether it’s weight loss, strength, muscle, or rehabbing an old injury. And by the way, if you tell the trainer you’re coming back from an old ACL or disc injury, and they just look at you blankly, you may want to go somewhere else.

3. Talk to some of the members. I remember when I was applying for jobs. I’d make it a point, when possible, to visit the workplace, talk to the staff, and asked how they felt about the job. When I was applying to grad schools, I did the same thing, talking to the students and seeing if they absolutely loved that curriculum and its instructors. Think of this as getting a Yelp review from the class.

In summary, don’t just jump into a class without investigating. Check out the class, check out the instructors, and have a conversation with some of its members.

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