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Author: Richard Symister

Rotator Cuff Injury? Find a Rotator Cuff Specialist.

The arm bone is connected to the shoulder bone. The shoulder bone is connected to the backbone. The backbone is connected to the..well you get the idea (and may even know the song) This is why it’s crucial to receive a head-to-toe screening when seeing a Physical Therapist for your rotator cuff (RTC)  injury. 

One classic physical therapy mistake is examining the shoulder joint and only the shoulder joint when a client has a prescription that reads “Rotator Cuff Strain: Evaluate & Treat”.

“Well, that’s where it hurts!“ is what our clients first exclaim. 

Pain doesn’t point to the problem. Pain it’s just your nerves yelling “Hey, pay attention, something is not right here”. 

“The shoulder cannot live by the cuff alone, Oh, boy! I’ve been a Physical Therapist for over 25 years. I can confidently say that 90 percent of my clients who present with a diagnosis of rotator cuff strain and complain of insidious, vague shoulder pain, have issues somewhere else in their body that led to their RTC problem. “ Richard Symister, owner of MEPT

The RTC is part of an intricate, biomechanical, muscular system, functioning synergistically with your shoulder blade and everything below and above it. Yes, if something goes awry as far as your foot, the force, or stability you can RTC can be affected. 

When shopping for the best Physical Therapist for your shoulder injury, find out if they specialize in shoulder injuries. It’s a great idea to contact the front office and inquire. Please do yourself a big favor and find another physical therapy studio if the person answering the phone fumbles, cannot directly answer your question, or say “We treat everything”. 

Don’t make the mistake of settling on a physical therapist to treat your shoulder based solely upon convenience, their website,  or their ability to accept your insurance. Think value. Can your Physical Therapist treat your shoulder injury efficiently and effectively,  and get you back to your work, life and play?

Use this handy checklist to find your perfect Physical Therapist, get the best value for your time and money, and Heal. Move and Evolve. 

Heal. Move. SWING. Evolve.