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Treating folks, like you, who move for a living and love to move


Author: Richard Symister

Bodywork: The Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage feels great on the body, before or after a workout, play, or sport!

Our sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward folks, like you,  that move for a living, and love to move, and are looking to:

  • Decrease muscle and joint pain
  • Prepare for training
  • Increase muscle flexibility
  • Improve circulation to muscles
  • Improve muscle performance
  • Improve training recovery
  • Decrease muscle soreness, cramping, and spasms
  • Decrease stress and blood pressure
  • Improve mood and overall feeling of body wellness

We use all sorts of sports massage techniques — deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial, gua sha, and friction. Which sports massage technique we use with you will depend upon your individualized needs, as well as what we feel with our hands. Just like our Return to Play & Sports program, all of our bodywork sessions are individualized and client-specific!

Get the best value. Take advantage of our outstanding prices and purchase a monthly BODYWORK membership.  We know that after your first sports massage session, your body will become addicted.

Check out our BODYWORK page and see what you could use to help you heal, move and evolve. In combination with other modalities, sports massage is an excellent modality to add to your training toolbox.

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