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Author: Richard Symister

Foam Rolling 101: “Why should I foam roll”

So, what does foam roller actually do for you?

Foam rolling is a tool you use to enhance your athletic performance. And how does it do this? By increasing your movement fluidity. Let’s go deeper and see how.


Foam rolling reduces arterial stiffness, increases arterial tissue perfusion, and improves vascular function. This all means that more oxygen-rich blood is flushing the muscles. The muscles like this (which is one of the reasons we warm up before training).


Your joints and muscles have receptors that alert the brain to overloading and overstretching. If there’s a problem, the receptors will limit the muscle’s ability to stretch or produce force. Foam rolling can override this system, allowing for improved muscle mobility and control. 


Rolling, smashing, and compression all provide a gentle stretch to your muscles, prepping them for greater ranges of motion.


The fresh blood, desensitized nerves, and lengthened muscles all assist to decrease muscle tension and pain. Trigger points, micro spasms, muscle tension, cramping —  let’s put these all under the umbrella of pain conditions. 

Pain limits your muscle’s ability to lengthen and generate force. 

Roll to decrease your pain, improve your movement fluidity and overall performance!

Heal. Move. ROLL. Evolve. 


So which foam roller is best for you? 

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Heal. Move. ROLL. Evolve.