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Author: Richard Symister

Foam Rolling 101: “Which Foam Roller is Best for Me?”

There are so many types of rollers out there —  Cylinders, sticks, balls, vibrating cylinders, vibrating sticks, vibrating balls…

So which one should you choose?


  • Pick a roller solely because it’s an Amazon bestseller or has a 5-star rating. 
  • Learn thru online (YouTube, Instagram) posts or classes.
  • Copy what you see someone doing in the gym. 
  • Dump money on expensive tools or equipment.


  • Ask the right questions:
  1. What are your foam rolling needs?
  2. What type of roller can you handle?

You want the best tool(s) that serve a specific purpose (pain relief, muscle relaxation, etc), and one that your body can tolerate. We love the high-density, knobby roller for localized compression to the quads, but not everyone can handle its intensity. 

  • Try before you buy. Play with it before you pay for it. At MovEvolution, we let you try all of our rollers before you go shopping and also provide a list of our faves.
  • Be frugal. Many knock-offs are just as good as the brand name rollers. Shop around.
  • Be creative. Can’t afford the TheStick roller? Use a similar-sized PVC pipe. Taping 2 lacrosse balls together is a classic trigger point do-it-yourselfer 
  • Seek out a specialist. The right Physical Therapist or strength coach can save you oodles of time and money, not only choosing the right roller for you but also setting up your perfect foam rolling program (duration, frequency, positioning, sets).

See our free Amazon Wish list for our entire page of favorite tools!

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