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Author: Richard Symister

10 Steps to Fixing Knee Pain on Stairs: Tip #9 Get HIP

Your hips are meant to generate a lot of force. In fact, most sports rely on the hip muscle for propulsion, power, and push-off.

What about your hips on stairs? There is a lot of activity going on through the glutes during stair climbing; flexion, extension, and stability. Now let’s throw an acute or chronic hip into the mix? Trochanteric bursitis. Adductor (groin) strain. Hip joint pain. All can play havoc with your muscle’s ability to generate force and power. Guess what? If your hip joints aren’t working officially to propel you upstairs, the quads will be working overtime. Yes, weak or lazy hip muscles can overload the knee joint, causing knee joint stress and pain.

FYI: At MovEvolution, we always screen “above” and “below” the knee when anyone presents with knee joint pain. The foot, knee, and hip are neighbors and should be working together for a happy community.

🧐 Try this: Get your muscles screened for performance.

It’s critical that you never ignore hip pain. Its deficit can cause a myriad of other knee and lower extremity problems. Set up an exam with a Physical Therapist who absolutely loves knees. Get your body blueprint explaining your problems and our training roadmap, outlining your home program and goals.

Got hip pain problems? We’ve got hip pain answers.  Heal, move, and evolve your hips HERE.

Heal. Move. GET HIP. Evolve

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