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Author: Richard Symister

10 Steps to Fixing Knee Pain on Stairs: Step #10 Do You Hurt?

Do you hurt anywhere within your body during normal activities like squatting, lunging to the floor, bending, or walking long distances?

Pain changes the way you move, regardless of where that pain may be. Too often, clients come to us with complaints of knee pain on stairs, but forget that they have underlying pain elsewhere (yet another reason why a comprehensive past medical history conversation is crucial during any exam).

🧐 Try this: Tell your whole story!

Make sure you inform your Physical Therapist of all of your problems (pain, stiffness, old injury, or trauma), even if you think it’s not relevant… because it’s all relevant to us at MovEvolution! You may be surprised when you get a core or hip strengthening training roadmap, even though your main complaint is your knee.

Remember, the body works as an organized system, and one little glitch in the matrix can disrupt the entire system.

Fix your knee pain on stairs by getting your entire body screened HERE.

Heal. Move. TELL THE WHOLE STORY. Evolve.

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