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Author: Richard Symister

10 Steps to Fixing Knee Pain on Stairs: Step #3: Wimpy Quads

How strong are your quads? 

Whether from pain or deconditioning, your quadriceps can stop producing sufficient strength and power to propel you up flights of stairs safely.

Stairs are hard and demand a lot from our entire body to maneuver and negotiate. Leg strength. Core stability. Endurance. Balance. Why do you think stair climbing is a global sport and why do so many people have a real fair of falling downstairs? 

More than 1 million Americans injure themselves on stairs each year, according to a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Do you feel you have adequate leg strength for fundamental movements like squatting, lunging, and, of course, stairs? Are your legs totally spent after climbing a few flights? Do they get sore?  Do you have “Wimpy” quads?

Try this: Get screened. Get strong.

Don’t just guess about your leg strength. Get tested by a qualified Physical Therapist who absolutely loves knees

  1. Schedule
  2. Get screened 
  3. Get your body blueprint (weak zones) and training road map (homework)
  4. Change your quads from “Wimpy” to “Popeye”!

Heal. Move. STRENGTHEN. Evolve.

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