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Author: Richard Symister

10 Steps to Fixing Knee Pain on Stairs: Step #2: Straighten up and Climb Right

Yes, often we want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. But, when going upstairs, leaning your trunk forward as if crossing a finish line puts excessive stress on your hips and knees. In essence, the more you lean forward, the more you are asking your knee joints to handle. This can lead to sprains, strains, and injuries, such as anterior knee pain. 

Postural awareness and control are key to safely performing any fundamental movement like stair climbing!

🧐 Try this: Straighten up and Climb Right

Learn proper posture and alignment. Start to engage your core and glute muscles. Learn to correctly perform diaphragmatic breathing to further engage your core muscles.

Changing your alignment might feel weird at first. You may even feel off-balance, so use that railing. Muscles that have not worked in quite some time will start to kick in, so minimal soreness, like at your glutes, may occur. 

Learn how to correctly strengthen your core and learn great posture HERE!

Heal. Move. ALIGN. Evolve. 

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