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Author: Richard Symister

Your Injury is Special. Find a Specialist.

Would you go to a car mechanic to fix your tooth? Or would you choose someone who knew what they were doing?

If it’s time for you to find a Physical Therapist, be prepared to ask the right questions so you get the right therapist.  Don’t be afraid to ask the physical therapy’s front office, “Will my PT be a specialist in rotator cuff injuries?” If the person answering the phone can’t immediately answer your question or responds “We treat everything,”, you may want to seek care elsewhere. 

“If your Physical Therapist is not an expert in knees, then why is she treating your ACL??” Richard Symister, owner of MovEvolution Physical Therapy.

MovEvolution Physical Therapy specializes in and absolutely loves treating conditions of the knees, shoulders, and back.

When shopping around for your next 5-star PT, ask if your physical therapist will be a specialist with your injury or condition. Keep our Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist handy to ask all the right questions.

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