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Author: Richard Symister

When can you run after an ACL injury? Ask the right questions.
Watch our physical therapy client (left ACL) get ready for her Brooklyn to Manhattan commute.

“When can I run?”

This is the very first question my ACL clients ask me.

This is where client education is key when It comes to a successful return to play (RTP) after an ACL injury or surgery!

I explain that your ACL will heal in “phases”. It is not a simple “on/off“ switch, specific to a RTP date and time. Rather, it’s more like a dimmer switch.  There will be a gradual progression towards more complex, functional knee movement and loading.

Here are a few better questions (and milestones to set) regarding your ACL and RTP:

  • How long until my knee flexion returns?
  • When can I squat past 90 degrees?
  • When will I be able to walk downstairs without my knee buckling?
  • When can I hop on one leg?
  • When can I start jogging?

Find a Physical Therapist who specializes and absolutely loves knees and ACLs. Ask questions regarding short-term, functional movement goals.  And make sure your Physical Therapist is able to answer all of your questions.

Remember, the more you know, the better you will grow. 

Heal. Move. Return to Play. Evolve

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