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Author: Richard Symister

What Does EVERY Client Want? The “WHY” and “HOW” 

Regardless of a client’s fitness level, weekend warrior, or multi-sport athlete, whether they are in rehabilitation or a return to play program every client wants the same thing when it comes to their injury. They want to know the why and the how.

The WHY, aka Your Body Blueprint
When you visit your doctor with a musculoskeletal problem, you’re hoping to get a clear understanding of what’s driving your pain or dysfunction. Diagnoses of “knee stain” or “lower back pain” are not diagnoses at all; they are simply pointing out the location of your pain symptoms.

After each session, we want our clients’ heads filled with so much information that their heads tilt to the side. We want them to understand the why of driving their pain, injury, and Movement dysfunction. The why, or your Body Blue Print is the clinical “diagnosis” we deliver to you after your first screening or exam. It explains what may be the “issue in your tissue” and any barriers to your success. Your Body Blue Print also expresses opportunities and your potential for positive healing and growth.

The more know, the better you grow. Statistics show that clients who understand the causes of their musculoskeletal pain or injury are much more likely to complete their plan of care.

The HOW, aka Your Training Road Map
Now that you know the why, it’s now time to figure out how to fix things. This is your “prescription”, or as we like to say, your Training Road Map — your individualized exercise and movement program.

Your Training Road Map is what you need to do over the next few weeks, or even months, detailing exercise, set, reps, frequency, and even rest periods. Your Training Road Map will outline your safe progression so that you increase your movement fluidity and strength safely over time.

Your Training Road Map will also contain a checklist of goals you must achieve before your next visit, all leading you to long-term success.

Want the most effective and efficient treatment? Make sure you get your Body Blueprint and Training Road Map

It’s uber important that each client understands the why and how when it comes to their healing from pain, increasing movement fluidity, and evolving performance in all realms of work, life, and play. A Body Blueprint and Training Roadmap give our clients an education on their body, an exercise prescription for movement confidence, and a solid plan to help them heal, move, and evolve. 

Heal. Move. TRAIN. Evolve.