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Author: Richard Symister

Stretching Prescription: Are You Following Orders?


This is a big topic because although most dancers know that they should stretch, many use a inappropriate “dosage” (timing, duration, frequency, sets, or reps).

Your Stretching Prescription:

  • Prep your muscles for stretching by warming them up and “smashing” and “rolling”.
  • For better muscle performance, try dynamic stretching (vs. static) before dance and during dancing. Let me show you one example of a Dynamic Warrior One movement.
  • It’s fine to perform a combo of static and dynamic stretching after training or a performance.
  • Make your stretches dance-specific.
  • No need to perform multiple sets of static stretching. One set of each stretch will do, holding for a good 60 seconds or more to start. Progress to longest duration as tolerance increases.
  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing while stretching, allowing the muscles to “release“ with each breath.
  • Stretch at different angles.
  • Learn from a trained physical therapist or strength and conditioning coach how to “load” the muscle and joint in their new ranges for increased ranges of motion.
  • Get more out of your stretching and learn partner stretching. Want to learn more about Partner Stretching? Contact us, mention this post and receive $20 off a Partner Pampering Stretch session!

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