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Author: Richard Symister

Rule #8: Work on Your Weaknesses Practical Goal Setting for Athletic Performance


We all have weaknesses, deficits, asymmetries or dysfunctions, regardless of training level. On training day, before you step foot in the gym, the dojo, field or dance floor, really think about why you are training. Go back to your STGs (https://rsymister.wordpress.com/2015/06/13/practical-goal-setting-for-athletic-performance-rule-1-dont-panic/)

Ask yourself: What do I need to perfect? Where am I ‘stuck’? What muscle groups are out of balance?

If nothing comes to mind, maybe it’s time for full body, injury prevention “check-up” with MovEvolution screening services (https://movevolutionpt.com/services/) to locate deficits in strength, balance, flexibility. Then, on training day, use your insight to work on one weakness, one asymmetry, or deficit. We talked about the value of focusing on one goal at a time in Rule #5.

Use the mirror 

As a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning coach, I often see the mirror as a limiting factor for clients—or more precisely, how each of us engages with ego in the mirror. Unfortunately, your reflection presents only a small part of why you are training; unless, of course, you are a bodybuilder or training mainly for aesthetics.

Go into the gym with a keen sense of your physical goals, short and long-term, of the body definition awaiting you. That awareness can always be the background. Then, instead of checking yourself out in the mirror, think about using the mirror to check your form and postural awareness.  Evolve.

heal. move. evolve.