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Author: Richard Symister

Physical Therapy and TeleMedicine: The Perfect HYBRID Option

When Covid hit, many Physical Therapists, like myself, turned to treating remotely through telemedicine through the use of digital mediums (android, iPhone, tablet, laptop, desktop) as an alternative to treating clients in-house or face-to-face. I was not a big fan!

Throughout my career, I had convinced myself that I was a manual therapist and could not deliver quality care without putting my hands on my clients. I’ve been called a wizard before, but I do not possess the talent of reaching through the screen like in the movie Poltergeist. However, maybe it was time I ran into and saw the light!

Let’s jump ahead about two years. As I’m enthusiastically launching our MovEvolution Return to Play & Sports program, I no longer see the need to always perform manual therapy or see a client in-house every visit. We are movement mechanics at MovEvolution, and capture oodles of valuable information from our visual movement assessments. Of course, we always emphasize scheduled check-ins and tune-ups. But after one or two sessions with us, hybrid treatments — mixing in-house Physical Therapy visits with Telemedicine — become an excellent option.

Oh, and as far as my manual therapist moniker and not being able to provide the same level of 5-star Physical and Performance therapy care? Well, just as TeleMedicine is a superb option for in-house Physical Therapy, I’ve learned I can teach my clients many forms of self-mobilization with the most basic of household items as comparable alternatives to hands-on treatments.

So how can you benefit from our MovEvolution Telemedicine service?

Save time. No more worrying about commuting to physical therapy,  looking for parking, or rushing to get to and from the sessions.

Gain Access: Life happens. Many of our clients move, travel for business or with teams, or live just too far away to make their sessions with us convenient. Hey, as long as you have internet access, we can help you heal, move and evolve! Often, clients are in town or are traveling to our area. They see us for their initial in-house exam (or follow-up) and then schedule their next sessions via Telemedicine. This is an excellent hybrid option.

Save money. With our Telemedicine service, you still get our great 5-star Physical and Performance Therapy service, while keeping some extra money in your pocket.

Stay consistent. Tight schedule? Having the option of booking your Telemedicine sessions online puts you in control of your schedule and has been shown to assist with client’s home program compliance.

Real-time. Are you having trouble coming downstairs, getting out of your chair, or picking up your baby from the crib? With Telemedicine, we have the ability to view you in your home setting, analyzing the exact movement that causes you pain. Now our Physical and Performing Therapists can make tweaks and adjustments on the spot!

Value and client satisfaction. The research is there! Telemedicine can be just, if not more effective, than in-house visits by themselves, and has a high client satisfaction rating.

Heal. Move. Evolve. 

Many thanks to Jay Vagy and MedBridge for their spectacular TeleMedicine series and client handouts.