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Author: Richard Symister

“My doctors says my lower back pain is because of a bulging disc!”

by Richard Symister @ MovEvolution Physical Therapy
“My doctors says my lower back pain is because of a bulging disc!”
Yes, you may very well have a “bulging” or “protruding” disc. But consider these facts before injections, pain management or surgery:
– I Approx 30% of the population is walking around pain-free with a “bulging” disc.
– You really don’t “slip” a disc because the disc is attached to the vertebrae above and below.
– Using the analogy of a jelly doughnut to describe the center of your disc is a bit inaccurate. How can jelly support a load? Movevolution Physical Therapy likes to think of the disc’s nucleus more as partially solidified bacon fat.
– Your spine and discs are not fragile, but very strong entities.
– Disc degeneration, like with all tissue, is a natural process, but not necessarily the origin of your back pain.
– With chronic pain, your disc may be well healed, but the “sensation” of pain, because of oversensitive nerves, persists.
“Studying PAIN science and reading EXPLAINING PAIN and other great resources on PAIN NEUROSCIENCE has taken our treatments Movevolution Physical Therapy AND MoveLab Space to the next level. Having the ability to explain to our clients why they have pain and how they can ‘reprogram’ their brain is a tool we find just as important as manual therapy.” Richard Symister, owner Movevolution Physical Therapy and MoveLab Space.
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