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Author: Richard Symister

MovEvolution is Up to its Knees in Knees

Movevolution Physical Therapy has expanded — 2 new front office managers!
We’ve also got the MoveLab Space up and open for bodyworkers, clinicians, fitness trainers, doulas, and their clients clients to heal, move, evolve. Check out our brand new landing page.
Injured Knee ImageOk, we are super stoked about this one! MovEvolution will be knee deep in  Mike Reinold’s  Knee Seminar  in 2018. We are really excited about this because we will focus the next 3-4 Brooklyn Manual Therapist Meetup Groups on the the Knee — assessing and treating knee pain, injury and dysfunction; self-treatment for common knee injuries; bullet-proofing knees for sports/dance. All manual therapist interested in the sports and dance population welcome!
So please, keep checking in as we present tons of information on:

  • Everything about knee sports and dance knee, injury prevention and training
  • “Smashing,” “rolling,” and band work for self-care
  • Prescribing the right sport-specific mobility “dosage”
  • Improving mobility and muscle balance
  • Pain Neuroscience
  • Squat and movement biomechanics
  • Research, research, research!

Check out this great video demonstrating proper squat technique!

Using proper technique during squatting can improve knee health and help reduce the chance of exercise induced injuries!
move. heal. evolve.