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Author: Richard Symister

"Knee Strain" Is Not A Diagnosis
Knee Strain Is Not A diagnosis
“Knee Strain” is not a diagnosis. A good physical therapist can help you get to the root of your knee issues.

Knee Strain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome… Get a Specific Diagnosis, Not a List of Symptoms.
A while back we wrote a post about not accepting Lower Back Pain as a diagnosis. Lower Back Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. The same can be said for getting a doctor’s script that reads Knee Pain or Chondromalacia or Iliotibial Band Syndrome. Again, these are symptoms. Simply saying that a person has knee strain is not a diagnosis of the problem. 

Get A Proper Diagnosis – Get Proper Treatment

Treatment of the knee is dictated by a specific diagnosis. What’s causing your knee pain?  How stable are your hips? What structures within the knee joint are being strained, compressed or stretched during jumping? Are your quads and hams in balance?
When getting your knee evaluated, ask for a specific diagnosis and a cause to your knee pain or dysfunction. If you can’t get one, find a qualified physical therapist that loves knees and can use the correct evaluation tool to get to the root of your issue.
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