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Author: Richard Symister

How to Challenge Your Rotator Cuff External Rotation Exercises …the right way.

Whether it’s with dumbbells, bands, or cables, you will rarely see a rotator cuff program without some type of external rotation.

Your rotator cuff muscles have two major jobs:

  1. keeping the head of your humorous centered within the socket. 
  2. externally/internally rotating your arm,  as if reaching behind the back or head, or cocking back the arm to throw.

We love shoulders and want to make sure you not only get the most efficient and effective training roadmap for your rotator cuff but also mitigate all injury risk factors.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your external rotation exercises, while avoiding shoulder injury.  Try this:

  • Your rotator cuff external rotation program should be progressively challenging.
  • Start in the least aggressive position, first mastering your ABCs.
  • Practice your rotator cuff exercises in different positions, side-lying, sitting, half kneeling, and standing.
  • Learn the right time to adjust your sets, load, rest periods, and frequency.
  • Eventually, make your external rotation program sport-specific.
  • Use tools you already have at home as resistance and save money. Bike tubes, a backpack, or water bottles will all work. Resistance is resistance.

Heal. Move. ROTATE. Evolve.

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