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Author: Richard Symister

Don’t F#*k Up Your Rotator Cuff: 3 Rehab Mistakes to Avoid

You’re almost ready to be discharged from physical therapy for your rotator cuff surgery.

You’ve achieved full motion.  Your gross muscle strength is graded as a 5 out of 5. You’re able to plank, row, and perform those banded external rotation exercises like nobody’s business 

But are you ready to return to sport (RTS)?

The right Physical Therapist knows how to efficiently and effectively get you back to work, life, and play. The wrong PT can delay your return and even hamper your future evolution. 

Here are MovEvolution’s top 3 fundamental KEY mistakes to avoid during your rotator cuff journey:  If your PT is not doing these, find another PT

  1. Failure to adequately train endurance. Three sets of ten with the bands, cables, or machines is a nice foundation. But will your RTC hold up for the long haul? Think about your sport or activity, and how many times —- or rather, how long your RTC is required to press, pull, lift, or throw!  Don’t always train for reps. Train for time
  2. Sending you off without a progressive program. What are your goals post PT? How should you continue to train? What apparatus do you need to maintain your mobility, strength, and power. If your Physical Therapist can not provide you with one, find another Physical Therapist, one who specializes in sports and shoulders. 
  3. Not training how you play. You get how you train.  If you are not “mimicking the movement” during your RTS physical therapy rehab, then there may be a big gap in carry over into your sport. Really, how far do you think performing banded external rotation exercises by your side will take you on the court, field, or mountain side?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is settling on a physical therapist to treat your knee based solely upon convenience, their website presence, or their ability to accept your insurance. Think value. Can your Physical Therapist treat your shoulder injury and get you back to your work, life and play?

Rotataor cuff injury? Seek out a rotator cuff  specialist.

Use this handy checklist to find your perfect Physical Therapist and get the best value for your time and money.