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Treating folks, like you, who move for a living and love to move


Author: Richard Symister

How can I prevent back pain while driving?

Driver. Desk jockey. Same posture with slightly more challenges to your core when driving because of stops/starts, turns, bumps, vibrations, and raucous singing out loud until someone eyes you with contempt for your off-key caterwauling.

You’re stuck driving in that “cubed” position for how long? The back does not like this for extended periods of time and can revolt with tightness, stiffness, and pain. 

Beat the pain to the punch! Prep. Move. Treat. 

  1. PREP: Before your long drives, foam roll, and stretch. We love the sun salutation series for hitting all major joints.
  2. MOVE: Get to the pain before it gets you.  Do you enter the pain zone at around the 45-minute mark? Then make a pit stop at 40,  stretch, and move.
  3. TREAT: A little stiffness is bound to happen, so “unbind”. Once you reach your destination, find a safe spot to, once again, foam roll and stretch. 

Don’t dread the trip. Beat your pain to the punch. Know the steps to deal with your pain before your pain deals with you. And ignore that jerk with a stick up his butt, and keep on singing!

Heal. Move. DRIVE. Evolve