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Author: Richard Symister

How can I best activate my core when walking or running?

This is an excellent question!

It’s great that you are doing core training to support your locomotion performance —- walking and running. But here are two key things you should follow if you want the most bang for your core training buck!

  1. GET SCREENED. Set up an evaluation or movement screen with a Physical Therapist or Strength and Conditioning Coach. See if you have any holes in your core that need patching.  Dysfunctional breathing? Core instability? The more you know, the better you grow!
  2. GO VERTICAL. In other words, get off of the floor and perform your core stability work in standing and running postures. Mimic the movement and train like you play. You’ll have much better stability carryover.

See how we test your breathwork and core stability in our Bracing & Breathwork 101 video. The more you know, the better you grow. 

Heal. Move. BREATHE. Evolve.