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Author: Richard Symister

Going to Physical Therapy? Culture Matters!

Yes, you can judge a book (and physical therapy studio) by its cover.

Why do atmosphere, presence, and culture matter when choosing your next PT?

Have you ever experienced poor front office customer service, either on the phone or in person? Has a doctor rushed you in and out of treatment, barely allowing you time to voice your primary issue? How did you feel walking out of the office?

It’s annoying to find a practitioner for your pain or injury, and then to feel like they and their office could care less whether or not you formed a relationship with them or not. 

“I’ve had a few female clients confess to me that previous pelvic floor dysfunction Physical Therapists did not want to work with them because they were Black. My first service obligation to my client is to protect them. I’ve been discriminated against by folks in the medical field. The only client I turn away is one with a bad, nasty attitude or demeanor.” — Richard Symister, Physical Therapist and owner

Before you settle on your Physical Therapist, check out their culture. Follow this plan:

  1. CALL. Get a sense of your next physical therapy clinic’s culture, atmosphere, and likeability  by how you are first received on the phone. You should have a positive experience from the start. You may need to deal with the front office often, so it’s important to find an office with which you can form an amicable relationship.
  2. DROP-IN.  A surprise visit will alert you to how their front office welcomes walk-in’s who are not yet committed to their services. Please respect the office’s COVID protocols when visiting.
  3. Chat. Ask if you can speak briefly with the Physical Therapist with whom they are planning on matching you. The comfort level, rapport, and communication you share with your Physical Therapist can be just as important as the therapist’s skills and experience.  

Remember, you’ll be investing time, sweat, money, and a whole lot of trust into your therapy. It is important to conduct your research now rather than be highly dissatisfied later.

Get the 5-star, comfortable experience you deserve. Keep our Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist handy so you can ask the right questions and find the right culture. 

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