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Author: Richard Symister

Finding the Best Physical Therapy: Why Using Your Insurance May Not Be Your Best Option.

MovEvolution Physical Therapy’s practice is built upon three goals:

  • to decrease your pain
  • to speed, repair, and growth
  • and help your body achieve its highest levels of performance possible. Whether your goal is to bike a “century,” run a 5K or painlessly climb a flight of stairs.

It has been our experience at MovEvolution Physical Therapy that insurance companies have reduced their reimbursement rates while increasing your deductibles and copays. They have also made it increasingly difficult to get visit authorization, interfering with consistent management of your injuries.

The American Physical Therapy Association has similarly observed this trend in care: “Physical therapists (PTs) sometimes find that the restrictions placed on their services by third-party payers interfere with their ability to help patients reach their goals.”

The benefits of paying cash for your physical therapy include:

You save time. No more waiting on insurance authorization delays or wasted paperwork. 

You save money.  Do the math. Copayments and coinsurance can add up when seeing your PT multiple times during the week. Our philosophy? Sixty-minute, one-on-one treatments, once a week offer clients a much better value and faster recovery. 

You gain control. You choose the Physical Therapist specialist you want and not some generic clinic off of your insurance carrier’s list

You get more bang for your buck. Now you can get your entire body screened and treated, not just the one body part listed on your prescription.   

We’ll check your benefits for free once you register with us, and then present you with the best options. 

Heal. Move. Invest in your health. Evolve.