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Author: Richard Symister

Bodywork: The Benefits of Dry Needling

What is dry needling?

With dry needling, a “dry” needle (a needle without medication) is inserted through the skin into areas of the muscle, usually the trigger point, to release or deactivate trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion.

We use dry needling, often in conjunction with other therapeutic methods, to assist with decreasing trigger point pain, increasing your movement, and evolving your performance.

What is a trigger point?

A trigger point is a taut band of skeletal muscle located within a larger muscle group. Trigger points can be tender to the touch, and touching a trigger point may cause pain to other parts of the body. Trigger points left untreated can increases muscle fatigue and pain, limit muscle flexibility, restrict joint mobility, and impair muscle performance.

Why use dry needling?

Our MovEvolution therapists use dry needling to treat:

  • Trigger points
  • Muscular and soft tissue pain
  • Movement restrictions 
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness (D.O.M.S.)
  • Acute and chronic Play & Sports injuries 

Does dry needling hurt? 

The actual inserting of the needle does not hurt.  These needles are very thin. Sometimes the muscle will twitch when inserted, and it can then feel sore. You will usually feel a little muscle ache or soreness for a day or two after that feels like you’ve worked out that muscle. This is all very common. 

When comparing pain levels of dry needling to an intramuscular injection (i.e., flu shot, vaccination), the pain is far less, even nonexistent to some, with dry needling. 

Who can benefit from dry needling?

Dry needling is a superb treatment for treating the pain, injury, pre/post-surgical condition, and movement dysfunction of the runner, cyclist, dancer, cross fitter, musician, mixed martial artist, and multisport enthusiast — people, like you, who move for a living and love to move.

Is dry needling for you?

Almost anyone can benefit from dry needling, from the weekend warrior to the multisport athlete, although there are some precautions and contraindications your therapist should explain prior to dry needling application. 

We often show clients how to use simple tools, such as lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and bands to complement the dry needling techniques we use in the studio.

Check out our BODYWORK page and see what you can use to help you heal, move and evolve. Dry Needling is an excellent modality to add to your training toolbox. 

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