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Author: Richard Symister

Dry Needling My Hip TFL the Day After Dead Lifting

My right TFL (tensor fascia lata, the top portion of our ITB) is a little bit stiff the day after multiple reps of Olympic bar deadlifting.

Let’s practice some Dry Needling … on myself — going right to that TFL.

Step 1: functional movement screen (I feel some mild discomfort at the bottom part of my squat)

Step 2: palpate and review my landmarks (I took the liberty of using magic marker on my hip)

Step 3: glove up, clean the area (yes yes, I totally skipped this step working on myself)

Step 4: apply dry needle

Step 5: lay back and let the needles go to work (15 minutes)

Step 6: remove needles

Step 7: rescreen. (my squats are much more fluid with less restrictions)

Heal. Move. NEEDLE. Evolve.

Got muscle pain or muscle stiffness? READ THIS: BODYWORK: THE BENEFITS OF DRY NEEDLING for more Dry Needling info.