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Author: Richard Symister

Don’t Get Cheated Out of your Physical Therapy Sessions. Time Matters.

Injured? Time for Physical Therapy?  And of course, you want the most effective and efficient treatment, right?

Get the best value out of your physical therapy. Don’t get “cheated” out of full, quality sessions. 

Be choosy and call around before settling on your next PT.  Keep these 3 questions in mind when contacting their office:

  1. How long is each session

Today’s physical therapy sessions last an average of 30 minutes. After updating your PT on your progress and current symptoms, how much can you really get done in 30 minutes?

The formula that works best for us and our clients is 60-minute sessions which allow us enough quality time for bodywork, movement training, and listening.

  1. Will my sessions be one-on-one?

Forming a relationship with your therapist can be just as important as physical therapy itself. The Physical Therapist who’s bouncing around between you and two to three other clients can offer you only so much quality time, care, or attention. One-on-one sessions absolutely rock when it comes to delivering five-star physical therapy care.

  1. Will I see the same Physical Therapist each visit?

Relationships and rapport take time to build between you and your PT.  Both are crucial for your PT and your effective outcome. Having to constantly update a new face every session is not just aggravating, but a waste of your time. 

Consistency and continuity go right out the window when you’re forced to be treated by multiple physical therapists. 

Think about it. Your PT should not only know about your knee injury but also a general scope of your lifestyle, activity goals, motivators See you both on the same page for setting long-term goals.


Remember, you are investing a lot of time, money, and sweat into your physical therapy. 

Make sure they are investing time in you.

Get that 5-star experience. Keep our Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist handy. 

Heal. Move. ASK. Evolve.