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Author: Richard Symister

Don’t Gamble on Your Physical Therapy. Do Your Research!

Here are the top 4 complaints we hear from clients who have had physical therapy prior to starting their journey with MovEvolution:

  • “They just left me in a room to do the exercises that I could easily do at home.”
  • “They bounced around between me and two other patients.”
  • “My PT barely put his hands on me.”
  • “They didn’t know much about my sport/dance.”

Want to avoid these negative physical therapy experiences? 

  1. Check out recent reviews on Google and Yelp. Glowing, 5-star reviews from multiple sources offer a good indication of the clinic’s quality of service.

2. Video testimonials can be equally, if not more impactful, than written reviews. You are now face-to-face with the client, watching their expressions and hearing their story.

3. Ask friends, family, and other trusted medical practitioners for a referral. Someone sharing their positive physical therapy experience with you is worth it to find your perfect therapist.  

Remember, you’ll be investing time, sweat, money, and trust into your therapy. It is best to conduct your research now rather than be highly dissatisfied later.

Get that 5-star experience. Keep our Finding Your Perfect Physical Therapist Checklist handy. 

Heal. Move. RESEARCH. Evolve.