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Author: Richard Symister

Clinicians! Come & Get Exposed!

Greetings, everyone!

We have good and bad news. Bad news first. We are closing down the Brooklyn Manual Therapist MeetUp Group. But wait! Allow me to explain how this fits into our good news. We will be collaborating with the Brooklyn Holistic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) — the HCC’s NYC-Brooklyn Chapter!

Why is this good news for manual therapists, bodyworkers and holistic practitioners?

All BHCC members have full access to:
Exposure: Advertise your business on the BHCC website, social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook), internet radio and BRIC-tv. Let your clients find you!

Network: Meet other like-minded clinicians. Share info on current trends, marketing techniques, and referral sources.

Education: Let’s all learn about the best ways to help more people and build our businesses by sharing our experiences, ideas and insights on what treatments actually work.
Events: Check out the community at our upcoming events!
Want to become a member of the Brooklyn Holistic Chamber of Commerce and bring your business to the next professional level? Go here and select “NY – NYC – Brooklyn” as your primary chapter or contact philip.craig@yahoo.com.
Want a sneak peak? Join us at our next networking event on August 8th: Holistic Practitioners…Get EXPOSED and NETWORK.
See August 8th event details & register at: http://www.holisticchamberofcommerce.com/Brooklyn.
Move. Heal. NETWORK. Evolve.