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Author: Richard Symister

Clinical/Athletic Space Sharing Opportunity

Dear Family, 
As small business owners and independent contractors, most of us have taken a big financial hit due to recent world events. The pandemic might have slowed you down, disrupted your business goals, and may have upended how you do business altogether. But there is an opportunity within this chaos and disorder, with no better time for us to organize and innovate how we grow our businesses. 
Do you have a loyal fan base needing continued care? Are you looking for a “home” for your clients? Are you looking for a well-respected, online “hub” to host your service? 
Let’s band together to build that community.
My Vision establish a community of talented practitioners, instructors, and clinicians, complementing what we do at MovEvolution while delivering value to our clients. 

  • Share private treatment and/or gym space with the right individuals. Keeping complimentary services “in house” is a great way to build client relationships, maintain volume, and “refer out” with confidence.
  • Create a 5-star referral network. Already have a home for your clients? Consider having your service added to a 5-star rated, professional network from which clients can confidently choose supplementary treatments or instruction.

My ideal candidates include Physical Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong/Tai Chi instruction, Running/Triathlete coaching, Strength and Conditioning (Olympic and powerlifting coaching, TRX/Suspension training, KettleBell training), Sports psychology, Sports nutrition, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Sports massage, Physiatrist (PM&R).
The Next Steps: If you are interested, I will forward details detailing my intentions and how to join forces.
Check out the space here.

Heal. Move. Share. Evolve.


Richard A. Symister, MSPT, CSCS 

87 Fort Greene Place 

Fort Greene, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

e: Richard@movevolution.com