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Author: Richard Symister

Bracing and Breathing: The keys to building a strong core of armor

The keys to building a strong core of armor

You can’t have a strong core without proper breathwork. The two work in tandem to create a “stiff“ spine.

Did you know that your diaphragm, apart from breathwork, is also responsible for spinal stability? It’s the roof of your core or “column”. So a dysfunctional diaphragm can quite easily bring the house down. 

Here are 2 solid tips:

  1. Get a breathing capacity screening or learn to perform one on your own. The basics are quite easy to learn. See the tests in our Bracing & Breathwork 101 video 
  2. Get your core stability checked. Most folks think it’s a simple plank or sit-up test. Oh, but there is so much more to screen. See foundation testing in our Bracing & Breathwork 101 video.
  • They take only a few minutes
  • You can learn to screen yourself
  • Tests that you “fail” become your program

Once you know that both your core and diaphragm are functioning normally again, you can work on coordination between the two, and bring peace back to the neighborhood. 

The more you know, the better you grow. 

Heal. Move. BREATHE. Evolve