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Author: Richard Symister

Black Men and Our Balls: Pain Ain't Normal, Fellas!

This is a serious, sensitive topic (no pun intended). Many men of color, especially Black men, do not like going to the doctor. Iatraphobia (fear of doctors)? Myths and misconceptions? Denial? Whatever the reason, we tend to neglect our health check-ins and check-ups and often perish from illnesses and diseases that could have been mitigated. 
When it comes to our “private parts”, we are even more unlikely to seek help.
A few things about our balls:

  1. Scrotal and testicular pain is not normal.
  2. Either can occur with or without direct trauma.
  3. Testicular or scrotal injury can be caused by:
  • Disc/nerve injury
  • Vascular issues
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Urinary dysfunction
  1. Testicular or scrotal pain can arise from both the lower (lumbar) and upper (thoracic) spine.
  2. You can have scrotal pain without testicular pain, but not testicular pain without scrotal pain.
  3. Both urologists and pelvic floor specialists treat testicular and scrotal pain.

Don’t take scrotal or testicular lightly. Check with your doctor, friends, and other health care service providers who may be able to offer references. 
Yeah, setting up your first appointment may be a pain in the ass now, but much better than a pain in the balls later.
Watch the supplementary YouTube video here.
Heal. Move. GET CHECKED. Evolve.
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